~  Final Fantasy V  ~ 
Worus is a prosperous kingdom because their king uses the Water Crystal's power. With the Water Crystal's power, water that's purified flows from the Worus tower keeping away monsters.

Many people talk about a supposed treasure underneath the castle and it's really Shiva. According to legends, ice god Shiva was sealed in the Worus Castle long ago by the pure water from the Water Crystal.

At the Worus Water tower you can fight Shiva to aquire her, just keep climbing to the fourth floor and examine the green orb to fight her. You can get Shiva at various times, but it's best to get her as soon as possible in the first world. It's also best to have Ifrit and Fira first. Only Summoners can use Shiva since this game uses the Job system.

This version of Shiva is a more purple skinned one and its design is slowly turning into what would be FF6's Shiva. There's a lot more animation too.

Boss Battle
Normally Shiva is at Level 11, has 1500HP and casts Blizzard and Blizzara on your party. As usual it's best to pelt her with your best Fire Magic spells and Ifrit. She's also accompanied by 3 Ice Commanders (Level 4 and 600 HP each) who either attack or cast Blizzard. Winning the battle gets you an Ice Rod and Long Sword. You can also steal HiPotions and sometimes Phoenix Downs from her.

If you decide to fight her later, it's still the same battle except she's much stronger. She's at level 51 with 7000 HP and you can only steal Potions from her. When you win that battle you get a WaterTech which when thrown in battle does water damage on all enemies.

Shiva's only attack is Diamond Dust, an Ice-Elemental attack on all enemies that can be done as many times as you want per battle. It costs 10 MP to use and is a second level damage summon. It does most damage on Fire-Elemental enemies. If you get Shiva later in the game, she won't be as strong nor useful when compared with other obligatory Summons you aquired.

Very typical changes in this one. Callers were Shoukanshi (Summoners), Ice was Blizzard, Ice 2 was Blizzara.