~  Final Fantasy Tactics  ~ 
In Final Fantasy Tactics you can summon magical beasts from illusionary worlds to the battle field. Shiva's description is a Summon Monster that breathes on the enemy with extremely cold breath.

Shiva's design resembles the FF8 version a bit. She seems like an aquatic animal or mermaid and the hair is similar. Also, whenever someone summons Shiva they randomly say "Wind, fade to silence and light, give us power! Shiva!".

This translation is fairly accurate, as the Japanese game text was "Kaze, Hikari no hadou no seijaku ni kieru toki, wagaryoku tonaren...Shiva!"

Summoner Class
Warrior calls illusionary monsters, spirits of the highest rank. Uses 'Summon Magic', a special contract with the spirits.

Shiva costs 24 MP to cast, the speed for casting is 25 and it takes 200 JP to learn Shiva. Range:4 Effect:3 squares horizontally and up to 2 on height difference.