~  Final Fantasy Tactics Advance  ~ 
In Final Fantasy Tactics Advance there is an all female rabbit-like race called Viera. This race is the only one in the game which can use certain special magic, one of them is Summoning.

Shiva's design in this game is the most unique of the whole series, as Shiva looks like a magical knight with frozen armor and weapons. Sadly, since this is for the GameBoy Advance you don't see the full artwork in the actual game.

Summoner Class
Only Viera characters can become Summoner job. Prerequisites are 2 White Mage and 2 Elementalist Action Abilities. To learn the Summon A-Ability Shiva, one must have the Snake Staff and gain 200AP in battle. The Snake Staff is gotten by completing a mission.

Shiva deals area Ice damage, the cost is 18 MP and Range is 2 (13 squares). Snake Staff stats are Attack 29, Magic Resistance+5 and nullifies Stone status.