~  Final Fantasy Unlimited  ~ 
The summons in this anime TV series aren't as impressive as they are in the games. They take quite an unusual form, both in the method of summoning and their looks. Shiva is first summoned by Kaze in the third episode.

Kaze has a demon gun attached to his arm. The three bullets in them are Dark Green, Virgin White and Ice Blue. When used, Shiva freezes everything. It's in keeping with her style as usual.

When Kaze summons Shiva he does a little speech:
"Soil! My Strength! Demon Gun, Dissolve!
I have choosen the Soil for the likes of you!
The cry of the dark spirit, Dark Green!
The one that does not forgive creation, Virgin White!
And finally, the one that freezes everything, Ice Blue! Shine!
Summoned Creature! Shiva!"