The Praying Children

Becoming a Fayth

An ancient ceremony known only to those from Zanarkand can remove the soul from a living person and trap it into a stone statue. This is what's known as 祈り子, a Fayth. Each Temple houses a Fayth deep inside its chambers and one can hear the voice of the soul singing the Song of Prayer endlessly. The voice only goes silent when Sin is near.

A Fayth exists in three forms. A ghostly apparition of their former appearance, a beast-like Aeon that the Summoner calls, and a statue. The statue is the Fayth's original body combined with an abbreviated image of the Aeon. As an apparition, they are able to communicate with anyone who enters the Chamber of the Fayth.
Seymour's mother The Aeon Anima The Fayth of Anima

Chambers of the Fayth

One can revisit the Temples and communicate with the Fayths as Tidus to learn more about the truth behind Yevon and Sin. The Fayth's original appearances range from children and priestesses, to pirates and warriors.

Most Fayths give vague inclinations of how they are tired of dreaming, telling the party that Sin and Yevon=Ju must be destroyed in order for the world to move on. However, the Fayths from Temples later in the game give clearer stories of how Jecht became Sin and how dreams like Tidus will disappear when the dreaming ends. The most revealing conversation is with Seymour's mother in Baaj Temple.

Eternal Rest

Fayths are similar to souls in purgatory, they are neither dead nor alive. For the Fayth's soul to rest in peace, a Summoner must perform the Farplane Sendoff on the Aeon. During this ceremony the Fayth's statue would turn completely into stone before shattering and disintigrating.

An exception to this rule is if the Fayth was a Final Aeon that was absorbed into Sin. The statue would continue to exist but the soul would no longer be present. The soul can only be free when Sin is defeated. If a Final Aeon was not absorbed into Sin, it can still be used by another Summoner. However, the other Summoner cannot use it as a Final Aeon, since there is no deep bond or connection with the Fayth.
Sending off Aeons Sending off Aeons
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