The Princess of Zanarkand

The Moon & Sun of Spira
Everything about the Great Summoner Yunalesca and her Guard, Zaon. Only she can turn a Summoner's Guard into the Fayth of their Final Aeon, if the bond between Summoner and Guard is strong enough.

Spiral of Death
Once ruler of Zanarkand and Yunalesca's father, Yevon used his power to Summon a dream Zanarkand into reality, a city which never sleeps. By doing this he became a curse on Spira.

Hymn of the Fayth
The people of Zanarkand sang a song in defiance of Bevelle. Over a thousand years later, the song's double meaning had been twisted into something else. The ancient Yevon script that they used also held double meanings.

Ending The Dream
When Yuna decides to find another way to defeat Sin, the party is stopped by Yunalesca. Yunalesca doesn't want Sin to be truly defeated, nor does she want the truth about Yevon to come out, so she tries to kill them all.
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