The Role of Summoners

Road to Zanarkand

召喚士, known as Summoners, are practitioners of a sacred art and they are sworn to protect the people of Spira. When or why one chooses to become a Summoner doesn't seem to matter. They just need to be skilled magic users who are willing to complete arduous trials.

Summoners travel to as many Temples as they can for training. In each Temple, they complete the trials and then pray in the Room of the Fayth in order to make a bond with it. Through this bond they can later invoke 召喚獣, a powerful Aeon to do their bidding. When Summoners are ready, they travel to the Temple in Zanarkand where they receive their Final Aeon.
Yuna and Bahamut Yuna and Bahamut
Guards accompany Summoners on this pilgrimage to defeat Sin. Although they chose to give up their lives in the hopes of bringing ナギ節, the Calm, the Summoners display a positive outlook when interacting with the people of Spira. The Calm is a joyous time after Sin is defeated, when everyone in Spira can enjoy life without fear and in the hopes that Sin won't come back. What Summoners don't know is that the true purpose of having Guards was for one to become a Fayth.

Many Summoners don't fear death because their strong will and ability to manipulate pyreflies can keep them amongst the living as an unsent. Seymour, Ginnem and Belgemine are examples of powerful unsent summoners. However, an unsent Summoner cannot use their Final Aeon a second time to try and defeat Sin. Their Final Aeon was already lost to Sin on their first, and only possible, attempt. Furthermore, Yunalesca needs two living people with a bond to create a Final Aeon.

Great Summoners

As the first Great Summoner and Guard, Yunalesca and Zaon's statues are at the entrance to the Cloister of Trials (試練の間) in Temples. Like on the world map, Yunalesca is always on the left and Zaon on the right. The other four Great Summoners who defeated Sin are also depicted in statues and worshipped like saints.

Gandof Name: Gandof
Defeated Sin: 400 years ago
Known for: Causing the "Scar" in the Calm Lands during his battle with Sin
Training: Turned the Qactuars into stone on the Thunder Plains

Ohalland Name: Ohalland
Defeated Sin: 230 years ago
Known for: Playing blitzball for the Kilika Beasts
Training: Trained on the stairs leading up to Kilika Temple

Yoncun Name: Yoncun
Defeated Sin: 100 years ago
Known for: Being a member of the Crusaders with a Warrior Monk as Guard
Training: Trained outside the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth

Braska Name: Braska
Defeated Sin: 10 years ago
Known for: Eloping with an Al Bhed instead of converting them to Yevon
Training: Trained in Bevelle where he was a priest

The Farplane Sendoff

Only Summoners have the ability to perform 異界送り, the Farplane Sendoff. The ceremony resembles a dance which can be performed with or without a Summoner's Rod. Souls of the dead appearing as pyreflies are sent by the Summoner's will and movements to the Farplane, where they can truly rest in peace.

If the sending is not done in time, souls which hold resentment towards the living become monsters and attack them. Souls of people who accepted their passing don't need the ceremony. On rare occasions, a soul can even leave the Farplane if its will is strong enough.

An example of an unsent who became a monster is Omega, who was a Minister of Yevon 700 years ago. Omega discovered the truth about Yevon and was branded an infidel. He was then forced to spend years in confinement at an underground ruin which would later be named Omega Ruins. Through his hatred for Yevon he transformed into a monster and became Omega Weapon.
Farplane Sendoff


Although Summoners and Guards are not part of the Yevon clergy, they are highly revered. Regardless of age, when addressing a Summoner that one does not know, is affixed to the end of their name. Summoners may sometimes address each other as though they are part of the same study. It's common to affix a peers' name with .

Summoners who have defeated Sin are given a different title and eventually have statues made in their likeness, so they can be worshipped in the Temples. Great Summoner, 大召喚士, is what people would say before their names, along with affixed to the end of their name.

As a sign of respect or blessing between followers of Yevon, some may do the "Prayer" gesture with their hands and bowing. The gesture actually originated from Blitzball in Zanarkand and quite obviously so, as the hands take the shape of a spherical ball. How it became a part of the Yevon religion is a mystery.
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