The Last Summoning

The Role of Summoners
The power of Summoners in Spira is rooted in their ability to control pyreflies, the spiritual energy from souls of the dead. With their ability they can call Aeons to their bidding or send souls to the Farplane.

The Praying Children
The true nature of a Fayth is someone's soul. Instead of their soul dispersing into pyreflies when they die, an ancient Yevon ceremony traps their soul inside a statue. Frozen in limbo, they are neither dead nor alive.

River of the Pyreflies
Across the centre of Spira is the Moonflow river. Thousands of pyreflies are attracted to the Moonflowers, giving the river an ethereal glow. These pyreflies are behind most of Spira's unusual phenomena.

Journey's End
The Final Summoning was the only known way to defeat Sin and bring the Calm. The first person to use it was Yunalesca, who turned her husband into her Final Aeon. Only she has the power to create Final Aeons.
Song of Prayer Princess Summoning End