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Site usage and frequently asked questions.  

Website Usage Permissions

Can I take something written from your site?
Plenty of hard work has gone into scanning, translating and enhancing the content until it was just right. Plagiarizing is highly disrespectful, as is copying any part of the layout. If you'd like to quote the website, please list it as a source.

Can I take the images from your site?
This site is meant for personal use only. Please do not mirror the images, especially those found in sections like Official Art, in order to fill your own websites. For fanart and other files, ask the creators listed with them.

Can I make something out of your screenshots?
Yes, you may use the FMV Captures and Game Captures but please give credit where it's due with a link back. The FMV captures were by Jess and I, we spent a whole day making sure that each frame was unique and not found on any other gallery. As well, the Game Captures used throughout the site were done by Gabriella, who painstakingly screened every single thing on the PC game for me.

General Information

Why did you make a site about Rinoa?
When I first saw artwork of Rinoa in her battle stance on a Japanese ad, I liked her flowy costume and long dark hair. Months later, members of the FFO & FFWA forums pointed out how one of my old photos looked like the ad because of the same position, haircut and eyes. I owned a few high-low dresses that resemble her design and a bedroom decorated somewhat like hers. Naturally, I started to like this character even more.

When the game was released, friends told me that Rinoa has a personality like mine and moves around like me. They got me hyped and lent me everything needed to play the demos before I could get the game. When I finally played, I loved how Rinoa was similar to Andie in Pretty in Pink while resembling Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's with the dyed blonde streaks. For every scene where Rinoa was happy or frustrated with Squall, I felt the same because I've always surprised myself by ending up with Squall-types who aren't exactly Mr. Sunshine. So for me, the game's ending was very satisfying.

Since I had access to press kits and imported merchandise, I decided to create a site with images and information on the character. I didn't know what a 'shrine' was, I just wanted to get people interested in the game. I already had a knack for getting anyone hooked on whatever I like, so it was just me using my super powerz.

Despite the huge following Rinoa has, many fans misunderstand her because of how she is presented at a surface level. This, as well as Rinoa's political activist side, are the main reasons I identify with the character and why I hope everything I wrote changes people. I use my own opinion as little as possible on this site and when I do, it's clearly marked. I simply want people to make up their own decisions for why they like the character.

"Rebelling Princess" is the title?
This site actually had no title for the longest time. It was plain "Rinoa" or "Rinoa Heartilly" until I stuck in some random text ("The Rebelling Forest Owl Princess") on a layout. People assumed that the text was the title... so it stuck!

Will you add more avatars or fanart?
For avatars I only plan to keep a relatively small selection. Icons are easy to make and Rinoa icons are a dime a dozen. As for fanart, I am constantly replacing some of the older artwork to keep the section fresh.

Why do you get so many visitors?
It's not the layout nor the character that brings people to my sites. Original content and word-of-mouth is what constantly brings people here. I never expected word to spread this much and I never expected Squaresoft employees from both Japan and the U.S.A. to be visiting. A million visitors and a career doing this sort of thing is good enough indication that I should keep doing what I'm doing.

How long will this site be around?
The site has been around since I played the Japanese import of FF8, sometime in 1999. It has since moved through numerous hosts, purposes and layouts until I decided to finally get my own domain. It will be around forever if I can help it! Thank you to everyone who mails me saying to never shut the sites down.

Game Help & Various Trivia

Where can I buy....?
If you are not in Japan, your best bet is to find a reputable store that sells imported goods. Ebay is filled with counterfeit products so be wary. This is because most of the older Rinoa related items are out of production. The rare Rinoa Wing Heart Pin can be bought through etsy. My own merchandise has been supplied by friends and my older brother's import store or conventions.

Can you answer a game question about FF8?
I probably can, though I haven't touched the game in several years. For gameplay help, I suggest Gamefaqs for guides. You can also try FFOnline, which has databases covering the game and a forum filled with the most knowledgeable people around.

I need help making Rinoa's costume!
If the Costume section isn't enough help, places like cosplay.com have experts. For my own Rinoa costume, I had a few parts locally commissioned and bought the rest long ago. For Rinoa's dress, I had a local dressmaker custom make it long ago. The boots and ballroom dancing shoes were bought while I was in the UK and the silver jewellery were presents. Photos of my costume are at ~RinoaMao on deviantART.

Sheila     Sheila

Why are people cosplaying as Rinoa half naked?
Their costumes are based on fanart by Dion Rogers. It is not from any of the games.

Why wasn't Rinoa in Kingdom Hearts?
Originally, very few FF characters were meant to be in the game. Explained in a KH Ultimania interview regarding the characters, Rinoa had a highly different character than the ones Tetsuya Nomura was planning to use in the game. He felt it was difficult to capture her true personality and somewhat regrets that she was not included. However, Rinoa has a few chibi cameos in games such as Itadaki Street and Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade.

How did you find out about Rinoa's actresses?
They were mentioned in the game credits. There was a slight discrepancy in how an actress' name was spelt when the game was translated to English but thanks to Takochu the correct spelling was confirmed. The information about the dance is my own explanation, since I have been taking ballroom dancing lessons for decades.

How did you find out about her model? signed sketch of Rinoa
Tetsuya Nomura has stated that River Phoenix was the inspiration for Squall in quite a few interviews – including an English one with IGN many years ago. The name similarities and birthdate should speak for themselves. As for Rinoa... a girl has to have her secrets, you know! I have promised to not expose the industry insider, who is a close friend now working on Atlus games.