Various Character Quotes

"You have to voice your feelings..."  

  • Rinoa (Timber – after Zone gives his ticket to Quistis)
    "Zone......We're gonna see each other again, ok?"
    "No matter what, you have to survive. We have to liberate Timber together, remember?"

  • Zone (Timber – entrusting Squall)
    "Ouch...Take care of Rinoa, will you? I'll kill you if you let anything happen to her."

  • General Caraway (Deling – about Rinoa)
    "She has not received the type of training you all have, and may become a burden."
    "It's for the best that she stays out of this operation."

  • Zell (Deling – about Rinoa)
    "So the father's a top military officer, and the daughter's a member of an anti-government faction!?"
    "That's bad...Really BAD!"

  • Rinoa (Deling – home alone)
    "Who said this was a game...?"
    "I understand what's going on..."
    "It's not like I don't have a plan..."

  • Rinoa (Deling Sewers – climbing boxes)
    "I'm not a SeeD, but..."
    "I can do this..."
    "This isn't some kind of game..."

  • Rinoa (Presidential Residence – to Witch Edea)
    "Umm...Excuse me..."
    "I'm...the daughter of, um...Galbadian Army's, um...General Caraway."
    "I...thought I'd...come pay my respects...You know...'cause of my father and all..."
    "So, you a small gift. Please..."

  • Rinoa (Deling – on possibly killing Seifer)
    "You're both...prepared, right?"
    "That's the kind of world you live in. You've had a lot of emotional training."
    "But...Of course, I'd rather it not happen..."

  • Squall (Deling – to Irvine)
    "Take care of Rinoa."

  • Rinoa (Deling – battling Witch Edea)
    "I can fight if I'm with you!"
    "That's why I'm here!"

  • Rinoa (D-District Prison – the party is reunited)
    (Squall's alive! I knew he would be. Squall's ok!)

  • Rinoa (Missile Base – if she's in the party)
    "Squall, did you put me on this team because you hated me...?"

  • Rinoa (Balamb Garden – to a suicidal Cid)
    "No...! You can't!"
    "Just come with us, please! You can always rebuild this place!"

  • Rinoa (Balamb Garden – in Squall's room)
    "You looked so adorable, sleeping like a baby."
    "Come on, get up. Let's go."

  • Rinoa (Balamb Garden – Training Centre)
    "You know, I can imagine you doing this on a first date."
    "You're so romantic..."

  • Rinoa (Balamb Garden – after defeating Norg)
    "I can't believe you said that. I think what just happened is really serious."

  • Rinoa (Balamb Garden – in Squall's room again)
    "Oh really? I think I hear you talking in your sleep."
    "I'm not telling you what you said."
    "Hey, let's go for a walk."

  • General Caraway (Deling City – to Squall)
    "Please take care of Rinoa."

  • Seifer (Galbadia Garden – before battling Witch Edea)
    "Rinoa, what are you doing here? You're gonna fight me, too? Come on, remember a year ago we..."

  • Zone (White SeeD ship – to Squall)
    "YOU SON OF A BITCH!!! What did I say!!!? What did I say, HUH!!!?"
    "I told you to take care of her!!! That nothin' better happen to her!!! Scumbag! You pathetic, lyin' scumbag!!!"

  • Zell (Esthar – teasing Squall)
    "Is the princess still asleep?"

  • Quistis (Esthar – teasing Squall)
    "She might wake up with a kiss from the prince."

  • Selphie (Esthar – teasing Squall)
    "Psst...Psst...Psst...(Rinoa's so cute when she's asleep)."
    "Wooo! Are you blushing!?"

  • Squall (Esthar – to Presidential Aide)
    "You better not do anything to Rinoa."

  • Doctor Odine (Esthar – while examining Rinoa)
    "Hmm...This iz quite mysterious. So this iz what happens..."

  • Squall (Esthar – after hearing about Dr. Odine)
    (I'll kill him if anything happens to Rinoa.)

  • Squall (Esthar – to a worried Angelo)
    (...It's gonna be ok. I'll take care of Rinoa.)

  • Squall (Lunar Base – to Ellone)
    "GOD!!!!!! Rinoa is gonna die!...I can't take it. Ellone, please."
    "I've never felt this way in my life."

  • Squall (In outer space)
    (Rinoa......Where are you?)
    (I'm gonna find you, no matter what.)

  • Rinoa (On the Ragnarok – to Squall)
    "The space suit was in our way before."
    "Give me a hug." "A real tight one!"
    "I need to know that I'm alive!"

  • Squall (Exiting the Ragnarok – to himself)
    (I've come this far because I've...fallen for you.)
    ( I just supposed to let you go...?)

  • Quistis (Ragnarok – on Squall not thinking)
    "I wonder if there's anyone who'd do the same thing for me?"
    "Oh well... So where's the princess that changed the ever-cautious Squall?"

  • Squall (Ragnarok – on Rinoa's decision)
    "She was scared about being a sorceress..."
    "Scared of being feared...hated...Scared that no one would want to be around her..."
    "She said she couldn't handle that."

  • Rinoa (Ragnarok – reunited with the party)
    "I'm going through so many emotions at once..."
    "I'm happy, sad, angry, worried...I'm starting to feel schizophrenic."
    "Will I ever be at peace?"

  • Irvine (Flower field scene)
    "See this bruise here? I had to put up with Rinoa's kicks and punches for you."
    "So, seeing you two like this makes it all worth it."

  • Selphie (Flower field scene)
    "I never imagined you two would end up together."
    "I mean...You guys are complete opposites."
    "So I didn't think Rinoa's straight-forward approach would work."
    "I'm glad I was wrong!"

  • Quistis (Flower field scene)
    "Rinoa forces herself into your world, no matter how many walls you put around yourself, Squall."
    "I knew I couldn't compete with her."
    "The only issue was whether you would make a place for her..."
    "And you did, pretty quickly."

  • Quistis (Flower field scene)
    "You've changed, Squall."
    "It's like Rinoa's the only one on your mind. Good thing this wasn't before the exam."
    "I'll leave you two alone, now."

  • Zell (Flower field scene)
    "I'm sure you want to be alone with her..."
    "So Squall...I never thought you were the roma...Ah, you know..."

  • Squall (Lunatic Pandora – to Fuujin & Raijin)
    "No! I'll never hand over Rinoa!"

  • Squall (Time Compression)
    "Just stay by my side. I won't let you disappear!!!"

  • Rinoa (Time Compression)
    " I wanna be with..."
    "I wanna go there! Where Squall and I promised!"