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Final Fantasy VIII was the first Final Fantasy game to be released in more than two languages. This is a collection of what the other official instruction manuals and released guides say of Rinoa.

The French description of Rinoa is way off base while the rest of the European ones leave something to be desired. The German scan was sent in and translated by Tina, and the Dutch scan was sent in and translated by Yana.

FF8 Ultimania Profile

A bright, lively and beautiful girl who is a member of 'The Forest Owls', an independent resistance organization trying to liberate Timber. On first meeting with her, one notices that she stands out because of her positive nature. You meet her again in Timber where she's playing a central role in the construction of military strategies. She's a gentle but straight forward character with a strong and good will. Everyone is aware that she's very affectionate towards the people she knows.

Her sincere intention to help the resistance organization shows when she continually makes plans to raid the Galbadian Government. She has a strong determination and an unyielding spirit. However, she has trouble holding back her words when she feels strongly against something. Her destined encounter with Squall happens in the open dance party held at Balamb Garden.

FF8 V-Jump Introduction

A girl who suddenly appears before Squall. She has a positive attitude, is bright and lively. She can easily guess what someone is thinking and uses it to charm anyone. Meeting with Squall at the dance party changed everyone's fate. Her eyes hide a strong will, what future does her gaze hold...

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Japanese Manual

A beautiful and enigmatic woman, kind-hearted and driven to succeed.
A cheerful girl whose 'mood maker' liveliness and gentleness touches people without discrimination. She's honest about her feelings and readily speaks what she thinks. However, in time she ends up becoming warped...

German Manual

A quarrelsome, but loving woman full of secrets.
She has the ability to attract and lead people magically, but sometimes she talks too much. Even among strangers, she does not hold her words when there are issues she feels strongly against.

French Manual

A girl with a mysterious past and the maturity of an adult.
However, her enthusiasm and frankness (which doesn't leave Squall indifferent) sometimes involves her in perilous situations. She needs all the talent and experience of her SeeD friends to get out of a bad spot.

Spanish Manual

A beautiful and captivating girl.
Rinoa is a lively girl with the gift to capture people's hearts. Sincere and faithful to her feelings, she says what she thinks without reserve. Sometimes she loses her calm if things don't go as she hoped.

Dutch Manual

A beautiful lively young woman.
A beautiful lively young woman who can touch people. She is openhearted and honest about her feelings and says what it comes down to without hiding anything. Because she's so ambitious, she can be 'difficult'.

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